Revd Roger Farnworth

14322248_10207222085490588_5929327672904326664_n.jpgI am a Church of England minister in Manchester Diocese in the UK, Team Rector of the Parish of the Good Shepherd, Ashton-under-Lyne, and until 2016, I was Area Dean of Ashton. You’ll find here posts which relate to my ministry under the menu tab ‘Ashton-under-Lyne’.

In the Autumn of 2013 my wife Jo and I were able to enjoy a 3 month sabbatical. We spent the first 3 weeks in Uganda, had a month on pilgrimage around Celtic Christian sites on the coast of Ireland and Scotland and then spent  4 weeks reading. You can follow our joint blog here: Jo and Roger’s Sabbatical Blog

Over the years I have had an interest in Honour and Shame as pivotal values in other cultures and on the effect of shame on individuals and groups in our own culture. On sabbatical I was exploring what the gospel has to say to those who experience debilitating shame – a subject that formed the basis of my MA dissertation.

As my reading continues, I hope to be able to write a substantial enhancement on the MA dissertation.

You’ll also notice in the menu an option to explore one of my other interests which is railways, model and full size.


7 thoughts on “Revd Roger Farnworth

    1. rogerfarnworth Post author

      Dear Chris

      Thank you. I am gradually adding comments, as days go by, on the theme of Shame and Honour, the Gospel and the Cross. I have already posted a copy of my MA dissertation from College on the blog which you should be able to access and I have provided a more up-to-date bibliography as well. Gradually more bits and pieces will appear.

  1. Mrs james

    Rev Farnworth, we are looking into the history of St Jamess church in year 5, Can you offer us any help and information? Age of the stained glass windows, who was the very first reverend etc .
    Mrs James and year 5


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