Railways – Steam, Smoke and often Snow!

I have been picking up quite a few interesting shots of Steam Locos working hard in the snow. Here are a selection of then – often from Heritage Magazine posts on Facebook, some from elsewhere. There is one photo of steam and smoke without snow. There is also an odd one out to look out for – possibly the train used by the People of Israel to cross the Red Sea! 1939441_618763291561411_2796412383853556189_n 10405347_406832326149262_1853984299163007036_n 10882097_618335341604206_5583589271357703346_n10888717_412707518886252_6844687765798932153_n 10891646_619676588136748_658152420639067872_n10891961_618338564937217_8199642822859524546_n 10897782_618032194967854_886754389142297646_n .10898229_619740311463709_19937569220164413_n 10394781_616473725123701_1090683707653171129_n 10411099_617698755001198_4175696783378032639_n 10427309_618324041605336_3813196895813806640_n 10885379_618340408270366_8787628632946757446_n 10888642_617035258400881_3907266989756985471_n 10898271_10205615300000410_4952496218682386601_n 10898324_617107655060308_7127856680986841360_n


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